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       Xuzhou Museum was created in 1959, which located in the northern foot of scenic Yunlongshan mountain. The exhibition zone overall consists of the main exhibition building, the Family Tombs of the Pengcheng King of Eastern Han Dynasty in Tu Shan, the Xanadu palace of the Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty & the Corridor of Stone Steles and quarry sites of Han Dynasty this four part sections. This is currently the only local modern integrative museum whose exhibition is in combination with tombs and sites, and whose protection includes municipal, provincial and national level. In the aggregate, Xuzhou Museum covers an area of 40000 square meters, including construction area of 20000 square meters and exhibition area of 6500 square meters.

       The basic exhibition of Xuzhou Museum are “Metal hardware and battle steed——the exhibition of weapon through the ages of Xuzhou”, “Treasures of Han Dynasty——the exhibition of choicest cultural relics of Han Dynasty”, “marvelous jade of Han Dynasty——the exhibition of jade articles of Han Dynasty which unearthed in Xuzhou”, “Ornate terracotta Figurine——the exhibition of Pottery figurine of Xuzhou”, “the exhibition of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy donated by Deng Yongqing”, “Xu Peichen Art Gallery”, “the exhibition of the choicest cultural relics unearthed from Tu Shan tomb of Han Dynasty”, Qing-style furniture and the display of Stone Steles through the ages of Xuzhou. Altogether more than 2000 precious cultural relics on the show.

       If you are wandering in the cultural relics of the exhibition, you will experience the eventful years of the weapon through the ages of Xuzhou; you will taste the remarkable culture of the Western and Eastern Han Dynasty; you will acclaim the marvelous jade craftsmanship; you will appreciate the graceful royal music and dance...Every cultural relic is like a bright pearl in the long history of 5000 years, and they are assembled in Xuzhou Museum with charming light. Xuzhou Museum warmly welcomes every visitor, and we are willing to bring every visitor the happiness of discovery and the enjoyment of beauty!