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Xuzhou Museum having the Audience Flow Peak during the National Day Holiday
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        The 67th National Day is coincided with the 3rd Culture Exposition and Double Ninth Festival. Therefore, Xuzhou Museum was opened from September 27th to October 9th, in total 13 days. During the National Day Holiday, Xuzhou Museum totally received audience 40,000, and the maximum audience in a day was 7550, in the same level of a day during Spring Festival.

        In order to providing the audience a fine service, Xuzhou Museum was fully prepared for security, reception, cleaning and power facility and so on.

        In order to providing the audience a festival life, Xuzhou Museum held 2 special exhibitions: “Winged Horse Flying with the Prairie Wind —— The Exhibition of the Prairie Cultural Relics and Folkloric Lifestyle” and “Travel & Picture —— Visual Exhibition by Weng Jianqing”, and attracted a good many of history and art fans.

        During the National Day Holiday, the staff of Xuzhou Museum were responsible for their work to ensure the normal operation of visiting. They achieved the praise from audience by their patient, meticulous and enthusiastic service. Xuzhou Museum will summarize the experience and continue to improve our management measures and optimize the visiting environment. We are trying to make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of Xuzhou Museum.

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