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The Exhibition of Jade Article Unearthed from Chu Kingdom of Western Han Dynasty of Xuzhou
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The exhibition “Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dancing——The Exhibition of Jade Article Unearthed from Chu Kingdom of Western Han Dynasty of Xuzhou” was opened in Beijing Art Museum in 2nd Nov, 2016, which jointly sponsored by Beijing Art Museum and Xuzhou Museum. This is the 7th serious exhibition of “The Tour of Chinese Civilization——the Serious Exhibition of Jade Article of Ancient China”. We had 89 sets (120piece) jade articles which unearthed from the tombs of Chu Kings of Western Han Dynasty.

The exhibition displayed the regional features and the principle of jade use for high level tomb of Jade articles. The majority of jade articles were unearthed from Chu King’s Tomb in Shizishan and Beidongshan, including jade dragon and phoenix of Chu style; jade pieces with scale shape of Chu King’s Tomb in Beidongshan; “Shiguanjian” jade pillow of the favorite minister of Chu King; the Jade Suit Sewn by Silver Thread from Liu He’s Tomb which was the only complete jade suit sewn by silver thread in Western Han Dynasty; Jade Set for noble female of Western Han Dynasty from Han Tomb in Luotuoshan; Jade Face Covering from Han Tomb in Houloushan.

        Due to this exhibition, Xuzhou Museum gave a full play of the role of publicity and education, and enhanced the cultural exchange between Xuzhou Museum and Beijing Art Museum and expanded the influence of Han Culture of Xuzhou. This exhibition gave the capital audience a material and spiritual experience of Han Dynasty.

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