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Jiaozhuang Sites in Jiawang
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        Jiaozhuang Sites is located in northern foot of the highest mountain of Xuzhou——Dadongshan Mountain which is lies in Jiaozhuang Village in Jiawang District. 5 mile West of the government of Jiawang District, the sites’ elevation is 65.4 m. This sites looks like steamed bun, covering an area of 6000 m2. Xuzhou Museum conducted the salvation excavation from March to July in 2013, and the actual excavating area is 732m2. The cultural layer of Jiaozhuang sites is from 1m to 1.7 m. The majority of this sites is the accumulation of the remains of middle and late period of Western Zhou Dynasty, and the earliest times of this sites is equivalent to the period of late Shang.



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