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Woniushan Tombs
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       Woniu Shan Mountain is located in Quanshan District, about 7 kilometers away from Xuzhou City Center.  Woniu, in Chinese, means a snail, so this mountain’s name is Woniu Shan. So far,  we have found 4 tombs in woniu Shan Mountain, and all of them are located in the northern foot.

       In 1980 in the eastern part of the Woniu Shan Mountain, we explored a horizontal cave tomb, numbered M3. M3 consists of a ramp, a corridor, an anterior, posterior chamber and lateral chamber. According to the coins unearthed from the tomb,  the host of this tomb may be the 12th King of Chu,  Liu Yu.

       In 2010 in the western part of this mountain, west about 500 m from the M3, we found two larger tombs, and these are the main tombs. The tomb is a couple tomb, numbered M1, M2, consisting of two ramps, two corridors and 16 chambers. In addition, there is a doorways between these two tombs. The length from North-South of the tombs is 82.2 meters, of which the corridor is more than 50 meters. The corridor was plugged with double row plug stone. In total, two tombs have 87 plug stone. Except the corridor, the tomb totally covers an area of 577.8 m2, and the volume is 1473 m3. Although the tomb was repeatedly stolen and disturbed, the tomb was unearthed pottery, porcelain, bronze, iron, jade and lacquered articles nearly 1000. This tomb has a grand scale, and similar with Guishan Tomb. We suggested that this tomb is the 5th King of Chu, Liu Dao and his wife.

       In 2015, we found another tomb in Woniu Shan Mountain, east to M1, M2 about 150 m. This tomb is also a horizontal cave tomb, numbered M4. The tomb consists of a 20 m ramps and a rough chamber. This smaller tomb was unearthed some funerary objects like horses and weapons.

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