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Wanda Plaza Tombs of Han Dynasty
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       Wanda Plaza tombs is located in Wanda Plaza of Yunlong District with 7 unearthed tombs. The time of these tombs is from the late Western Han Dynasty to Eastern Han Dynasty. M4 is the most intact wooden-outer-coffin tomb of all the tombs in Wanda Plaza Tombs.

       M4   late Western Han Dynasty

       For the burial pit, the extent from east to west is 3.14m, the width from south to north is 1.84mand the depth is 4.2m. The outer coffin was built by irregular long-striped planks and the surrounding of the outer coffin was protected by green paste mud which can prevent from decaying. We found 2 the same size wooden coffins. The coffins were made by a single block of wood except for the both ends and the cover part. In addition, there were burial objects in the foot box at the body’s foot part.

       In total, we unearthed 42 pieces (or sets) of burial objects. There were glass mouth plug, nose plug, ears plugs, iron sword, bronze belt hook, bronze mirror and coppers. There were primary porcelain pot, vase, pot, lacquered plant, ear cup and pottery pigpen.

       Identification Result:

       1. The inner coffin is Camphora and the outer coffin is Mulberry.

       2. The host of northern coffin was a 50-55-year-old male, 166.2cm, 69.5kg; the host of southern coffin was a 40-50-year-old female, 152.0cm, 52.8kg. 
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