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Kuishan Tombs
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       Kuishan tombs were located in Quanshan District, in the eastern side of Kuishan Park. From April to July in 2013, we have excavated and cleaned-up 53 tombs, and the most of them were soil pit tomb of Western Han Dynasty. The most of small or medium tomb of Western Han Dynasty in Xuzhou were stone pit tomb, while soil pit tomb were less. Kuishan tombs had a lot soil pit bombs and had some districts. We suggest that they should be a family tombs.

       This tomb has a small size due to the owner dose not had a high social status. Altogether we unearthed 300 pieces (or sets) pottery wares, bronze articles, jade articles and iron articles. For pottery wares, it had Dings, boxes, pots, Fangs, granaries, ovens, wells and pigsties. For bronze articles, it had mirrors and coppers.

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