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Treasures of Han Dynasty

       Bronze, Silver & Gold

       Xuzhou is the hometown of Liubang, the first emperor of Han Dynasty. In the sixth year of his reign (201 B.C.), Liubang granted his younger step-brother, Liujiao, to be the King of Chu, with the capital called Pengcheng. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, in the very beginning, Xuzhou was still the capital of the kingdom of Chu. Later, the name of Chu was changed to Pengcheng, called the kingdom of Pengcheng. Gupi, in Suining, was calledthe kingdom of Xiapi. During the period of two Han Dynasty, Xuzhou got lots of attention, therefore the politics, economy and culture developed very well.

       Until now, we have found 9 tombs of Chu Kings and Pengcheng Kings and 2 tombs of Xiapi kings and hundreds of the other tombs, unearthing about millions of cultural relics. 

       Pottery & Stone

       Pottery ware was the most common burial objects in tombs in Xuzhou, including colored drawing pottery, lacquered pottery, glazed pottery and some modal pottery, as well as primitive celadon ware.