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Marvelous Jade of Han Dynasty

       The  use of jade in China can be traced back to 8000 years ago, during the middle of the Neolithic age, and specifically formed four classical jade peaks in Neolithic age, Shang Dynasty, Eastern Zhou and Han Dynasty.

       Han dynasty is the climax of the jade development in China. Its location, number, quantity and the technology level are beyond comparison. It is famous for its exquisite article and marvelous craftsmanship. Jade articles were widely used in etiquette, adornment, funeral affairs and daily life.

       Jade industry in Han dynasty was well-developed. A large number of jade articles were unearthed from the tombs in Xuzhou, from the great jade suit and jade coffin to adorable jade cicada. All these jade articles represent the highest level of jade material and jade craftsmanship.